In recent years, we have seen a dramatic shift of attention from offline to online.

In the world today, most people spend about 5 hours of their day on social media be it on Facebook WhatsApp, Google, etc.

This dramatic shift of attention from offline to online channels has greatly disrupted businesses.

That’s why most businesses that were seemingly doing well are now seeing a drop in their sales, clients and revenue.

However, smarter businesses are going online and leveraging on technology to get many clients from different locations than they can handle.

On this page, you will learn the step-by-step system of how to use online channels to generate more revenue.

This system may seem so simple that you might wonder why have not been using it in the past.

Just follow through and discover the secrets that other businesses are using to dramatically grow sales and revenue.

1) The first step is defining your target clients and getting a good grasp of their needs and pain points which you can help them solve with your product or service.

3) Create what we call a sales funnel made up of your strategic Facebook page, youtube channel and website or landing page.

3) Setup targeted ads on Facebook and Google to drive traffic to your landing page where you offer them something valuable for free. Then redirect them to a booking page where they automatically book a call to speak with you.
The booking process is designed to keep out all the time wasters so that you are only talking to qualified prospects.

4) You get on a 30 minutes call with your prospect to further understand their problem. If they are a good fit, you proceed to show them how your service and products will help solve their problem.

5) Sign the contract, deliver the product or service, get referrals and even get ongoing work from your current clients.

This is the only most effective way to get more clients than you can handle. All other methods don’t just work quite well.

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